Crumbles / Krümel

Dies ist ein Lied von mir.

(anyone can play guitar (ich nicht). die Aufnahme ist lowest diy. und das Lied braucht etwas. gibt nicht so viel.)

Und davon singe ich:

snap snap snap snap snap the magic trap a power nap

it all it all leads us to the fab fab fabulous

knock knock knock who’s there?
bang bang
and the blood
and the stitches one two three
and the quiet with the bleeding hand

it sums it sums up up up up to the impotence of a nothing hill in a moodless land

through the thing that runs to you used of all the riddles, too
the bone is impotentially
caught you here eventually

all is off so all is in
dust stays from a dream that’s been a thought so real to me glances of what could have should be

and all stays till it crumbles
and all stays till it lingers
I feel your fingers stroke my cheek
I dive into your eyes

and you are
the scenter of the universus
in the hight the light’s on the stage in a block

a riffle you sniffle who’s there?
and the fab fab fab fabulous on the tree
antquary ate it at the seeding end

it sums it sums mmmmmmmmmmh it’s the impatience
do we need the thrill of the falling sand

and all stays till it crumbles
and all stays till it stumbles
I see you humble magically
I dive into your eyes
to see

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